Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Arrival in Aussieland!

Hi Everyone,

So after 26 hours of travel (including layovers), we have finally arrived. And it was a blissfully uneventful flight, indeed. No stolen cars. Not even any delayed flights! The most exciting thing that happened was that there was a very thick fog over Melbourne, so we went down to land, and then came back up again.

Captain: "Well, as you may have noticed, we didn't quite make that landing. There is actually some pretty thick fog about, so we couldn't see the runway. Some of you may, uh, have been reading in the news that air crafts can land in up to ____% invisibility, and, in fact, this is one of those air crafts. Uhh, however, the technology in Melbourne is insufficient to support such a decent. So we'll just circle around this area until the fog dissipates.... So that's the bad news...

"The good news, uuh, is that we have about 30 minutes of fuel left, so we have some time. If we can't land by then, we'll have to fly to Sydney to get a refill."

Nervous laughter from all. The captain was very funny the way he said it. Very full of uuuhhs. Made me wonder if we were in some kind of grave danger, but they didn't want to say anything to make us panic.

However out next attempt at landing was successful (everyone clapped and I quietly thanked God that we hadn't died horribly in a fiery crash) and out luggage wasn't lost and our ride was there waiting for us (though it took us a while to find him) and everything is just great.

Not even jet lagged -- yet ;)

New Zealand air rocks by the way. Your choice of a bunch of movies and reeeeaally friendly service. I quite enjoyed myself (though I could have really gone for an elliptical in the back).


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