Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Australia isn't actually screwed up

Ok, we wen't out dancing since then, to discover that Australia isn't actually screwed up... It was us the whole time!! Amazing! When we went out to Madam Dinamites on Wednesday, we couldn't connect with anyone and Mike and I were both thinking (dang, we're going to have to totally beginner-ify our workshop, these people are SO backwards).

Thursday everything was fine. Of course there were some more beginner / intermediate people, but it all just felt so... normal, you know? Very funny. I think that our bodies were both still jet lagged on Wednesday or something. Still catching up. My brain felt fine, but I can't think of what else it might have been. And it's pretty cool to think that your body would need it's own individual pace to get in line, and that, even if your mind is totally caught up, there are so many things you body does on it's own, in muscle memory, that things still wouldn't work out until it had caught up.

Jeez. Our bodies are sooo cool.

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