Thursday, June 12, 2008

New Zealand or Bust

So we are in New Zealand now. Much colder here and it gets dark even earlier, I think. But it is very, very pretty. They did not lie to you in the Lord of the Rings :)

Although, I have to say, Air New Zealand was way less cool this time around. The plane was smaller (only six seats to a row instead of 9), so the food was not nearly as good and there were no videos on demand. We had to watch the same movie as everyone else (some underwater treasure hunting movie starring blonde actors whose names I don't remember). I tell ya, life is hard. Life is hard.

Our hosts are very nice. There's a bit of that initial weirdness, establishing yourself because your complete strangers living with each other very suddenly. Like usual. But it is beginning to ebate. We had a nice long chat about the scene and Charleston and teaching, etc last night. And then we all went out to a cheese shop and then a cupcake shop for dessert on their lunch break. I think that those have really helped.

That is something that Mike is so freaking good at. He is really good at remembering to put time in with random people. It's always a little uncomfortable at first because of the annoying shyness thing, but it always ALWAYS pays off in the end, because living is so much more harmonious!

Anyhow, hope lots of things are lots of fun over there. Let me know how the Fed and Lambert's and that new Quality Seafood thing on Monday nights are going. How are lessons going? Etc?

Miss you all :)

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